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This isn't a complete list of all my projects, but check out my Gitea to see more.

Most of my projects involve web development of some kind, you can find some software projects below though. Besides this website, which is written in PHP - mainly for easy templating rather than for dynamic content - I have created the following:

Athena Git Repo
Written in PHP, a simple gateway to get easy access to train departures
OwlBoard Git Repos
A suite of containerised applications offering live departure boards for UK Rail. Consists of an Express.JS API Server utilising JS and TS, a Python db-manager script, a Go message-broker and a modern PWA frontend written using SvelteKit and utilising compression to reduce payload size, and making use of ServiceWorker caching, to increase reliability over low quality mobile data links. Designed for Kubernetes deployment.
tRandom Git Repo
Written in Python, a simple cross-platform GUI based random number generator. Using the tkinter library for the interface.
Written in Go, an application that can consume location history data and produce images from the data. map-dots can be run as a CLI program or as a web-server offering a simple API. map-dots-fetch is a simple script designed to request images from map-dots when it is being run as a server. Originally designed to provide images that can be used as wallpaper images.