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Custom Mood Switch

I was looking for ways to add more functionality to my lights, I found the LightwaveRF Mood Switch, which, in combination with my Domoticz system I could use to control multiple devices.


I think that the mood switch is a brilliant device, as it is the same size as a standard light switch but gives you five buttons which, using Domoticz, you can customise to do anything you like.  When using the Mood Switch as standard with the LightwaveRF system, you can use it to go to preset dim or on/off states on any device paired to it.


I was inspired by a post at Fabulous Home Automation which sees printed photo paper being put on to one of the mood switches.  I feel that photo-paper may show fingerprints so I bought a pack of A4 vinyl sticker sheet, I bought a pack which included matt & gloss variants of the sheet so I could experiment.


Screen grab of InDesign document. Bottle & power icon from FreePik.comI used InDesign to design a layout for the sticker sheets.  I chose to use three light levels as these are the levels we usually use on the light and a button to turn off the bedroom light, one to switch on our daughters bottle warmer and one switch to set the ‘bed-time’ scene within Domoticz, this turns off all lights and devices which aren’t in the bedroom.  I went for a simple design using only black, white and red.  In the future as I get more lighting, I will look to match the style of these switches with the design of the Domoticz switches.


I chose to print on matt vinyl using an inkjet photo printer.


Before sticking the vinyl to the switch I used a file to remove the raised details from the mood switch so the vinyl would sit flat, giving it a cleaner look and a better adhesion to the plastic.


The switch is added to Domoticz and then hidden, scenes are set-up to represent the functions I want each button to process, then, I select ‘Add Device’ in the ‘Activation Device’ section of the scene page.  I can the simply press the button that I would like to activate that particular scene.

Now I have a custom mood switch which I can continue to customise by editing the scenes within Domoticz.


I should add that this is just one way in which you can use one of these switches with Domoticz; on the back of the switch is a slider which can either be set to IO or M.  I have the switch set to M so that all of the switches send out a ‘Mood’ signal, the IO mode sets the two larger buttons as a switch which you could pair directly with a LightwaveRF switch or relay and use the rest of the switches as ‘mood’ options.  But remember – the possibilities within Domoticz are as endless as your imagination, with the right scripting knowledge, you can make a system which can do anything that you want it to.

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