Writing is not one of my strong points; writing about myself, now that is not an easy thing to do.  Here is my attempt at just that:


My name is Fred Boniface, I imagine you know that, you got to this website after all!  That's me in the photo on the left sat with my wife, Jade (Photo credit: Andrew Summers Photography).  On the right is a photo of my wonderful daughter that I took at the end of Christmas 2015.


I enjoy photography and run Boniface Photography which I won't talk about much because it has its own website that you can visit if you'd like to find out more, it's website is a work in progress at the moment.


As well as the portraits and other images that I produce as part of Boniface Photography, I have a wider interest in photography which you can see by visiting my 500px account by click on the logo on the page.


I also enjoy visual design, I design greetings cards and stationary for my mothers business Hart & Horner and I also enjoy building and designing websites, I use Adobe Muse to design websites as it is quick simple and a very easy transition to make from print and digital to web design.


I am currently working as a Shift Manager in McDonald's in Bath, the city I was born in, and have lived in ever since.


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